Additional Beds Approved for new Markdale Hospital


The new GBHS hospital under construction in Markdale is expanding, even before it opens. The new hospital will now have eight inpatient beds, as opposed to the five-bed model the Ministry of Health approved in February of 2021. The new beds can be accommodated within the footprint of the hospital currently under construction.

“Fortunately, we included flex space into the building plans so that down the road, if we received approval for more beds, we could add them without putting an addition onto the hospital,” said GBHS President and CEO Gary Sims. “We are very pleased that the Ministry supported our request for an expansion, which will enable our staff and physicians to support more patients from the community.”

Construction of the new hospital is well underway, and the building is 30 percent finished. Ductwork is being installed in the lower level, electrical servicing is underway, and concrete walls have been erected.  The next milestone for the project will be the completion of the structural steel and the installation of the steel deck for the roof.

The additional beds will not impact the planned completion date, which is the Spring of 2023. The new hospital is expected to open to the public by the end of that year, once the medical equipment and furniture have been installed and tested, and staff have been fully trained in the new environment. In the meantime, all services continue at the existing Markdale Hospital.