History of Centre Grey General Hospital Auxiliary

The Centre Grey General Hospital Auxiliary's afternoon group was formed September, 7, 1951, just  a few months after the Centre Grey General Hospital was founded. Two years later, the evening group was initiated March 13, 1953.

Eventually, the two groups amalgamated to form the Auxiliary as it appears today.

The Centre Grey General Hospital Auxiliary was first established as a result of a request for a toaster and tea kettle so the patients could have toast and tea or coffee.

Then, as now, the auxiliary's mandate was to raise funds in order to provide needed capital items for the hospital's use. This was important to give the patients and their families the best quality care possible.

Every year, the Auxiliary assists the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation raise money to acquire needed capital items - furnishings and medical equipment as requested by the hospital manager. Funds raised by the Penny Wise Shop, Coffee Kiosk, Annual Cookie Sales, HELPP (Hospital Equipment Lottery Projects for People) and other fundraisers contribute to the much needed finances.

Besides fundraising, the Auxilians deliver water to patients and visit briefly, assist in the day surgery area and help the hospital foundation and daily hospital proceedings as required.

At present, fifty men and women comprise the volunteer membership. As with most volunteer organizations, new members are always encouraged to join and contribute to the achievements of the local hospital.


2019-20 Hospital Auxiliary Executive

Past President: Betty Bassett

President: Beth Kennedy

Vice President: Betty Bassett

Recording Secretary: Ro Cober

Assistant Recording Secretary: Bonnie Ratcliffe

Corresponding Secretary: Cora Bowins

Treasurer: Barry Tolton

Historian: Florence Hellyer

Publicist: Linda Caswell


Programming: Linda Thompson

Phoning: Nancy Lou Hill

Coffee Kiosk: Betty Horner, Linda Caswell

Membership: Karen Colwell

Nevada Tickets: Diann Petch, Ann Eros

Penny Wise Shop: Verna Miller

Sunshine: Carol Pynn

Visitation and Kiosk Scheduling: Nancy Lou Hill