Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteering can be a rewarding opportunity both to hone existing skills and to gain new ones. Moreover, evidence suggests that giving back to the community also contributes to healthy aging and well being in a variety of ways.

Centre Grey General Hospital Auxiliary welcomes men and women who can share their time and expertise to volunteer at the hospital in a number of ways - working at the Penny Wise Shop, working at the Coffee Kiosk, assisting with patient support or helping with fundraisers.

All volunteers have the privilege to help hospital patients, staff, families and visitors if they are members of the Auxiliary. All funds raised will help keep the equipment up to date in order to provide the public with the best patient care.


Steps to become a volunteer:

If you are 16 years of age or older, creative, committed and looking for ways to give back to the community, here is how you apply.

  1. Download and print the application form below OR pick up a form at the hospital's front desk OR at the Coffee Kiosk. Complete the form and return the application to the hospital's front desk..
  2. The Membership convenor will contact you to arrange an interview.
  3. Training for the position will be provided.

Please consider becoming an Auxiliary volunteer and enjoy a rewarding experience while supporting your community.

2021-22 Hospital Auxiliary Executive

Past President: Betty Bassett

President: Beth Kennedy

Vice President:

Recording Secretary: Ro Cober

Assistant Recording Secretary: Bonnie Ratcliffe

Corresponding Secretary & Sunshine Convenor: Carol Pynn

Treasurer: Dianne Houston

Historian: Florence Hellyer

Publicist: Deborah Graham


Programming: Cora Bowins

Phoning: Nancy Lou Hill

Coffee Kiosk: Betty Horner, Linda Caswell

Membership: Karen Colwell

Nevada Tickets: Diann Petch, Elaine Antram

Penny Wise Shop: Verna Miller